Hi I’m Charlie Noodle,

I was a rescue dog living in Melbourne, Australia when my Mum and Dad adopted me from Squishies Flat Faced Animal Rescue Inc. They flew me to the other side of Australia, to Perth and we lived there with my two cat shaped siblings, Brucey and Lady, (both adopted from Pets Haven Foundation in Melbourne) until we packed everything up in late 2016 and moved to The Hague in the Netherlands.

I am a huge fan of adopting rescue animals because, well, I am one and I’m awesome… and I live with two other wonderful rescue animals and it just makes sense. When there are amazing, clever, adorable, loving pets without homes and you have an empty home it’s as simple as one plus one!

Ok so here are some things I’d like you to know about me and then you can decide if we can be social media friends:

  • I love food and if we should ever meet in person, please bring treats, (no pressure… some pressure).
  • I sleep. A LOT. Like a lot, a lot. I am an older gentleman and prefer to spend my days napping on the couch, the floor, one of my beds, a chair, the carpet, between my parents’ pillows… anywhere really.
  • I love attention. Seriously love it. Come and say hi and give me a pat, it’s awesome. I think the collective noun for a group of Cavaliers should be called a “cuddle” because we love it so much.
  • When I sleep, I snore. But I am adorable when I do it so I am always forgiven.
  • My main tricks are “wave” and I will wave at you if you have a treat, ask me nicely and wave at me, high five (a variation on “the wave”), sit, drop, crawl and “nose bop” your hand.
  • I love to model. I will do this at any time, any day, any weight, in any costume you put on me. I love it. Thank goodness my mum is a pet photographer, otherwise this aspect of my personality and skill set would have gone completely wasted. Tragedy!
  • Lastly, I love to entertain… I am a show pony (show dog?) if ever there was one so please join me on social media and we can all admire my cuteness and make social media a happy place.

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